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The THIS/MILE Philly retreat last November was nourishing for the mind, body + spirit.

Upon reatreat weekend, we were immediately greeted with welcome cocktails, delicious bites, + THIS/MILE swag bags. The location was AMAZING. Katie + Sarah structured the entire weekend with both practicality + total enrichment. The food was unreal. We were led in both yoga + meditation throughout the weekend.

Recovery + relaxation were the apex of the trip. I left feeling rewarded + refreshed. You are in for a soul fulfilling trip this Spring + are in the best hands with Katie + Sarah.

Lizzy H.



If you want something that doesn't exist create it. welcome to this/mile. we are a women's running club for women of all running levels. our goal is to create a community + program for local female runners to show up + motivate one another to log miles, train + goal crush together. experienced, recreational, newbie, this/mile encourages every runner to "run the mile you are in". so that's where we start. at your own pace. train with us + watch your body + mind transform into the next level of runner you once thought out of reach. The program includes, weekly runs, a training schedule, fueling tips,  motivating playlists - sign ups for our spring season are now open!

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start before you are ready. when you lace up answer the question,
"who am i going to be today"

Robin Arzon

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