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Most Frequently Asked Questions // 


Can I attend if I am not an experienced trail runner?

Absolutely. Our retreat is designed for a variety. of fitness levels + ages. We recommend having the baseline ability to run 3 miles at a low key pace.


Is running the Grand Teton Half Marathon mandatory?

No it is most certainly not mandatory. Registration is automatically included for all retreat attendees, but you ultimately can choose up until that morning if you would like to participate. ALSO, please keep in mind, we had participants who walked and jog/walked last year's Yellowstone Half Marathon as well. The time cap of the race includes the option to walk the race from start to finish if you so decide. The course is one of the most picturesque half marathon courses in the country with the entire Grand Teton Mountain Range as the backdrop  - it is also mostly flat and take place on pavement - making it very attainable to walk or combination jog/walk. Ultimately, the race is voluntary, we had a number of guests last year who chose to allocate that morning for restorative spa services and loved it. We encourage you to choose what feels most aligned for you.


What is the altitude like + how should I prepare for it?

Our mountain home property this year is located at one of the lower elevations of the entire Jackson valley area at 5,900 ft. Our activities will take place at elevations mainly in the 6,000's  feet range with parts of hiking leading into the 7,000 ft elevation range. Our itinerary is designed to allow for acclimation from the moment you arrive -  we will also be sending out tips to our attendees in the weeks leading up to the retreat.


How do I get to Jackson, Wyoming?

If you are flying from NJ, there are a number of flights out of Newark into the Jackson Hole Airport on Wednesday May 29th. We recommend arriving by 2pm to be included in the complimentary airport pickup. Jackson Hole does not offer Uber service - your transportation throughout the retreat is included with our retreat vehicles when we travel as a group.

For the return  trip back to Newark, there is a direct flight out of Jackson Hole via United on Sunday June 2nd that we recommend as the most seamless return option - with transportation to the airport on that day included.


Are meals included and can dietary preferences be accommodated.

Meals are included from breakfast through dinner and trail snacks for your entire retreat - excluding one (optional) group dinner on the final night. Dietary preferences, allergies, etc and adjustments will absolutely be accommodated.


Are there any non-running activities planned during the retreat?

Absolutely. From hikes, to yoga, to a variety of non-movement based activities, the itinerary is curated with a well-rounded experience in mind. 


How much free time will there be in the schedule?

There will be available free time each day at different points during the day for you to choose to utilize however you would like. Please keep in mind this is an adventure retreat - being active does play a primary role in the itinerary each day, but with that in mind, the days will be designed to include adequate downtime and restorative moments. 


Do I need special gear or equipment for the trail runs? 

We recommend trail running shoes for traction and support purposes, which can also be used for hiking. 


What is the cancellation policy? 

Once you register and commit to your spot on the retreat, the $500 deposit is non-refundable. Given that we are a boutique retreat with a limited number of spots for guests all transactions are final; however, with that being said, we understand emergencies can arise that are unforeseen, which will be discussed on a case by case basis to make it fair to all parties - if plenty of time is given and we are able to fill the spot, there are transferrable options that can be considered.


Are you offering payment plans for the retreat? 

Yes, ultimately if you feel called to be a part of this retreat experience, we are here to help make it happen for you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to discuss payment plan options. 


Is this an all-inclusive retreat?

Yes it is (please see the retreat breakdown page for details) - as a guest of our boutique luxury retreat experience, once you arrive at the Jackson Hole airport, we take care of the rest until the moment you board the plane on the final retreat morning to fly home. Our itinerary is curated to give you the ultimate Western luxury adventure experience from day 1 for the most epic memories.

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